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Arcane Smile, of Long Island, NY, has been electrifying the local scene since 2010 when brothers Dennis and Sean first connected with husband/wife team Jeff and Christa. Justin would later complete a lineup whose alternative rock sound places smooth, melodic female vocals atop gritty, textured guitars and strong, pulse-like rhythms. The result is a musical experience that is appealing to audiences of all types.

In 2011, the band released their debut, self-titled EP, which showcased the heavier elements of their developing sound. In November 2013, Arcane Smile introduced 'Through The Elements', marking a transition to a style more focused on melody, texture and the pure, yet angst-ridden quality of Christa’s voice. The band hits the mark on all five tracks, but attains its truest form with the catchy/tortured lyricism and vibrant instrumentation shown on songs “You Walked Away” and “Believe”. With this extremely colorful, accessible sound, Arcane Smile is as enjoyable for an audience to listen to on record as they are to see live.


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